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We believe that everyone should feel their best everyday. Our hemp-derived CBD products will help you live comfortably by supporting holistic wellness. Browse our products below and shop today!

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Since early 2020, CannaNova Headquarters is a leading Ecom CBD Product Store. In October of 2020, CEO Garett Lewis was invited to be a speaker at the Canna Fair in Kyiv, Ukraine. CannaNova Headquarters will also be attending the 2021 Fabcon in Vegas to receive an award as a Top 100 leader.

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Our mission is simple: to utilize science and nature in order to advance and cultivate wellbeing. Finding the balance in our minds, bodies, and environments has a profound and lasting impact on the individuals and world around us. Nothing is better than hearing about how our products help our customers and their communities. The founding partners of CannaNova Headquarters have the vision to construe the way consumers view the designer CBD market. Garett and Paul came together by chance to share the same vision for the company. With Garett being a hemp connoisseur and Paul, a cigar aficionado, the divine intervention of the two worlds collided to create a one of a kind smoke. They create products like artisanal pre-rolls, cannagars, and the handcrafted Rosegar, which is the most exquisite form of smokeable artwork. CannaNova Rosegars feature an artisanal CBD hemp core, hand-selected fresh rose petals, and use CBD rosin as the binder. Each Rosegar is hand-rolled using only the purest materials on the market. They use CBD flower because it is grown to produce the highest concentrations of cannabinoids that give you all the recognized benefits of cannabis without the intoxicating effects of THC. They take pride in constructing quality artifacts, with complex characteristics that draw slow and burn evenly.


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